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BLITZ HOWSER: The Lost Strips is now available from Ink and Feathers Comics in limited quanities. Click on Store to order your copy before they are gone!


Animated Prequel to Blitz Howser: The Lost Strips is available for view on YouTube! Check it out via the link below!

Blitz Howser: The Prequel

Tears of the Prophets can be seen as a short movie. To view more of information, visit the link below.

Tears of the Prophets

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The Magic Press is now available to purchase!

Visit for digital download!

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Tale of the Outlandish from A-Z Studios, sequel to Superlative Tales, is still available. If you wish to buy a copy, please feel free to contact us for cost and shipping information:

Here is you chance to read the short story, Legend of Brigadier General Schaumburg Harmony. Please feel free to distribute it and share it with others who may be serving our country.
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On this site you will find character bios for main characters, ordering information about Ink and Feathers book publications, brief staff biographies, as well the latest, most up-to-date information for Ink and Feathers Comics.

The MAGIC PRESS has been resurrected from OUT OF PRINT status and two additional stories have been included!
The Magic Press was written by Myke Feinman. The entire volume was ilustrated by Anthony Feinman. The Magic Press has been unavailable to read since 2009

Go to to download this 40+ page E-Comic. Also download our other titles:

The Teddy Bear Conspiracies
Superlative Tales
Blitz Howser