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Ink & Feathers Comics is a subsidary of Ink & Feathers Callagraphy founded by Cathy Feinman, CEO of Ink & Feathers Comics. Ink and Feathers Comics has been publishing since 1991 starting with The Mask Conspiracy. We are a family owned hobby publishing company. 


With the publication of our first book, we started the Ink and Feathers Art Scholarship at Herscher High School. Each year until 2006, Ink and Feathers Comics donated $250 to a graduating senior from Herscher High School who planed to go into a field involving art, fine art, cartooning, commercial art, photography, architecture or some other related fields. Up until 2006, $5,000 had been distributed to future artists and writers including Jim Lowe of Herscher who drew a design for Freedom Tower which appears in Terry Freedom's second adventure, The Crystal Skull Files.

Ink and Feathers Comics started offering the Freedom Journalism Scholarship for seniors planning to major in journalism or photo journalism from Streator High School or Woodland High School in the 1999-2000 school year. Both scholarships are no longer continued at this time.


Cathy Feinman is owner of Ink and Feathers Calligraphy which in turn owns Ink and Feathers Comics. She did all the lettering of Myke Feinman's graphic novels, The Mask Conspiracy and The Crystal Skull Files. She also colored the cover of The Crystal Skull Files as well as designed the title header for Superlative Tales, The Mask Conspiracy, and The Crystal Skull Files.

Cathy has also done calligraphy work for two restaurant menus in the Kankakee County area. For a short time, she taught calligraphy classes at Kankakee Communtiy College as part of KCC's Adult Education program.

On top of being CEO of Ink & Feathers Comics, she also serves as creative consultant for the authors/ illustrators of this company.

Cathy designed and created the Ink & Feathers logo in response to distributors disbelieving Ink & Feathers was truly a publishing company.

She is currently retired and does freelance calligraphy as time allows.


Myke Feinman was the Managing Editor for The Paper of Dwight, IL . He's worked at Bio Fuels, a magazine based in Decatur, IL, The Streator Voice (Streator, IL) , The Daily Times of Ottawa, IL, The Times-Press of Streator, the Kankakee Daily Journal and the Herscher Press/Reddick Essex Courier. He has currently retired from journalism.

He is author, illustrator for two graphic novels, The Mask Conspiracy (1991), The Crystal Skull Files (1998) and has written a children's book, In Search of the First Teddy Bear (2002). The Teddy Bear Conspiracies, released in spring of 2004, was his first novel.

His most recent short story, The Wedding of Louis and Chocolate, was released in October 2006 in Superlative Tales, a magazine from the late 1940's.

He also wrote a short children's story that is featured in his son's graphic novel/comic book, The Magic Press (2014). He is currently working on a sequel to The Teddy Bear Conspiracies as of 2018

Anthony Feinman has studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008-2009) for cartooning, photography, and graphic design.

His photo work has been seen in such publications as: Herscher Press/Reddick-Essex Courier, The Times-Press, The Paper, and The HeartBeat

He is author/illustrator for the graphic novels, Escape in a Dirigible (2004), Blitz Howser (2012 co-written with Andy Hall), The Magic Press (2014) and Tears of the Prophets (2016). His photography and pagination skills can also be seen in Myke Feinman's children's story, In Search of the First Teddy Bear (2002) and the novel, The Teddy Bear Conspiracies (2004). He has released the long lost pulp magazine, SUPERLATIVE TALES, (2006).

He is currently working on illustrating the last Terry Freedom story, The B.U.C.K.S. Stops Here, a new Critters storyline, and a one shot solo written sci-fi anthology, Asinine, for 2020 through Kickstarter.

His online portfolio can be viewed at:

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